Public git repositories

As promised, I've added a git section to the site, with information on how to clone the public repositories.

Some (slow) progress: git, images revisited

First off, 2ooM now uses git for version control. The bad news? Sourceforge doesn't let me host a public git repository. I'll probably set up a mirror on within the next couple weeks and just link to it from here; sub-optimal, but it's the best we can do at the moment.

I've been playing around with images again, this time with far more success than the last. liblbx can actually do a couple things now, and that includes the ability to decode all 50 frames of the menu background (that swinging panel thing). Palettes are also working properly (they're in fonts.lbx, of all places). The image format is convoluted and not very bright... probably about time that I updated the specs section on this website.

For fun, I made a little demo video of the swinging panel, using the images decoded by liblbx.

What? We're not dead?

It's been a while, but over the last few months I've been trying to get this project back on the road. The old code base (not like it really did anything, anyway) has been basically discarded and a new framework plus new tools are currently being put together in the subversion repository. Hopefully some tools for working with Moo2's data will be available in the near future, at which point a "release" will be packaged.

We also now have an IRC channel - #2ooM on - feel free to drop by.

And a palette, too!

Well, we have managed to get images loaded, finally. Moo2's palettes continue to elude us, therefore until we have the patience to work on getting those out, we will be including special palette files with any releases. Take a peek at the menu screen.

In other news, we will soon have a forum, when the theme for it is finished to match our site. It's phpBB, in case you're wondering. The forum will be used for discussing file formats and gameplay and other development stuff, as well as for support if we ever get this thing out the door.

And We Have Images!

We have managed to load one of the images from Moo2, but we are still working on the palette for it. A preview is available. It's a bit dark, because of the improperly read palette data.

Getting Started...

The Moo2 reverse-engineering project is an attempt to get the PC game Master of Orion 2 to be able to run on all modern computers. Thanks to the use of the SDL , we plan on producing a game capable on running on Windows and Linux.

The object of this project is not to provide you with a freely runnable copy of the game, as that would be illegal. We are simply allowing you to play the game on a modern computer, with better use of sound and video capabilities provided. The executable that this produces requires the original Moo 2 game data files to be able to run.

Project Status

There is not yet a playable game. Currently, most images can be decoded using the lbximg tool packaged with liblbx.

Want to Help?

Patches, documentation, information about the data formats are always welcome. If you want to get in touch, our IRC channel is #2ooM on, and there is also the toom-devel mailing list.


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