2ooM is now developed using git for revision control. The primary distribution site is the public hosting found at If Sourceforge gets around to providing git hosting, the repositories will move back here.

Available trees

git:// [gitweb]
Library and command-line tools for handling Moo2 data files.
git:// [gitweb]
The game itself.

To clone one of these trees, you must first install git and then run:

git clone repository_path

Where repository_path is the git://... URI of the tree you wish to clone.


There is also the Subversion repository on Sourceforge; all new development takes place in git. It will remain in service for historical interest, and for the (small) bits and pieces which were written and haven't yet been incorporated into git repositories. No new commits will be created in this repository.

See Sourceforge's page on SVN for details on accessing the repository.


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